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At 23:47 on February 15, 2012, Boo Gems (Gillian) said…

Hi Joel,

I'm the Re-skilling lead.  If you would like share your film making skills with other members of TTW - I'd be happy to help you set up a workshop

see you soon


At 18:42 on January 5, 2012, Marky Stevenson said…

Welcome aboard Joel, I look forward to meeting you a some of the events soon.


At 18:34 on January 5, 2012, Pauline Cory said…

Not sure if you are following the thread on the TTW Films Group Joel but do get back to me if you are interested in the proposals.

At 15:50 on January 3, 2012, Steve Last said…

How about renaming the group Worthing Transition Films? I'd be happy to help setting up some aims and objectives for it with you.


At 12:51 on January 3, 2012, Steve Last said…

Hi Joel

Very pleased you are involved with TTW and I look forward to working with you at some point. I have also developed home-grown film-making over the past year so I'm sure we can bounce ideas of each other!

There are a couple of  issues with the group you have set up on the TTW website though. Our constitution states that groups need to have its aims and objectives clearly stated on the TTW website. These aims and objectives need to relate clearly to those of TTW. Also, members of groups should have opportunities to become active within that group and help shape the work and development of that group. At present, I don't think your groupis clear about either of these points.

Ideally the group will need to be set up based on the guidelines in the TTW constitution (3.2). This might mean making it less about UW Films and more aboutTTW Media/films. Would you be able to make a few amendments to your group?

Please take a look at the constitution (on the TTW website under 'join')

Do let me know if you have any questions.

On a film-related issue, I am hoping to create a 15-20 minute film later this year about Worthing's Energy Descent Action Plan. Would you like to be involved?

At 19:21 on January 1, 2012, Pauline Cory said…

Thank you Joel, nice to know how you feel.  Re meetings, Food Group is on Jan 9th at 7pm at Beechwood House Hotel in Richmond Road, the film (Economics of Happinness) is on 15th Jan - details on Ning under Events, as will be most of the other meetings etc.

At 19:02 on January 1, 2012, Pauline Cory said…

Thank you Joel, we can never have too many friends!!

At 15:33 on January 1, 2012, Pauline Cory said…

That's great Joel, it's not easy to walk this path but someone has to show the way of reason, love, compassion, personal responsibility, real community and commitment to getting this planet back on track.  I hope you get to like what we are trying to be about - we don't always get it right but our hearts are in the right place!  Try to watch anything you can with Rob Hopkins (founder of the Transition movement) - no ego, bags of enthusiasm and a very clear agenda - he's a great role model.

At 14:50 on January 1, 2012, Pauline Cory said…

Hi Joel

Re the videos, thanks for understanding our position.  Once you have had a good look at how we operate and have been to a few events, I think you will have a better sense of our agenda.  Fundamentally we are about inclusivity, that means everyone regardless of religion, beliefs, political standpoint, colour, class, gender etc etc.  We have no political axe to grind, we are not anti anything apart from the destruction of this planet.  One of our strap lines is party not protest, so the videos that show the police in a bad light are not appropriate.  However, the Occupy Brighton one is great because it shows processes and ordinary people empowering themselves, so I've approved that.  The St Paul's one has been blocked because of copyright issues and I would imagine the inspirational speakers one will have, for us, the same problem so I can't approve them.  Also, we wish to cause no offence to anyone so anything containing bad language, violence or criticism of others beliefs are not OK, sorry.

Re your "plans to promote change in our food sustainability and move to more natural growing, and consume much less greedily. We know that we can grab people's attention and we think the main reason people (as a whole) aren't actively motivated to change to a more eco friendly way of life & food sources, is not because they don't want to, its because they don't know how to. It rarely crosses people's minds as daily life is too preoccupied, so the best way for the solution is to promote and advertise some easy steps and methods." - I really like this - that's what the Food Group is about, so do join it.  At the recent Artisans' Market the Heart and Soul Group presented 52 easy steps towards sustainability so I think we are speaking the same language.

I hope this will help you get a feel for the group, but the best way is to come along and meet us and join some of the groups, see how we operate and make some videos about us!!

Best wishes

Pauline Cory

At 19:18 on December 31, 2011, Pauline Cory said…

Wow Joel, yes please!!! Welcome to TTW.  Enthusiastic members greatly encouraged.  Do come along to any of our meetings/events which you will find listed under Events and/or the individual groups.  You might like to join us for the film night on 15th Jan, where hopefully you can meet lots of other members.  There will be plenty of opportunity to get involved and put your talents to good use, just let us know how you want to take part.

Best wishes

Pauline Cory (co-ordinator for Heart and Soul and Steering Group member)

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