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University College London's Urban Buzz Projects

"UrbanBuzz: Building Sustainable Communities is a 2 year programme that aims to develop new ways of delivering genuinely sustainable forms of development and community in London and the wider Southeast region. http://www.ucl.ac.uk/urbanbuzz/index.php

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Culberry Salads

We have just started picking our salads at Culberry Nursery, all except radish, pea shoots and mixed salads were sown in Sept and planted out in a cold polytunnel. We will be selling these at Farmers markets from 5th March (Steyning Farmers mkt) on Saturdays and from our nursery on Friday afternoons or pre-ordered for Saturdays.

We are about to prepare our outside ground for planting if you want to come along and help and learn about salad growing we are going to have workdays on…


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Open University ‘Energy Measurements at Home’ course.


You could do this course to add to your OU credits, but even if you don't want to do the course, reading through the course content will be to everyone's advantage.

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In Denial - Climate on the Couch, listen again on iPlayer


"Something strange is happening to the climate - the climate of opinion. On the one hand, scientists are forecasting terrible changes to the planet, and to us. On the other, most of us don't seem that bothered, even though the government keeps telling us we ought to be. Even climate…


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462 Projects on Project Dirt (beta) - UK


Projects (462)
Members (3,524)

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Mainly London-centric at the moment, but growing fast.

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Wikileaks gives a boost to peak oil theories UPDATED by Kiran Stacey


Update: I’ll leave the blog below in tact, but really I should point out that the reason the oil price hasn’t moved is that the person quoted in the Wikileaked cable, Sadad al Husseini, is a well-known peak oil theorist who has said this in public many times before.

This morning’s story in the Guardian that US diplomats believed Saudi Arabia to have overstated their oil reserves should ring alarm bells around the energy world.

Every time there is a…


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About SD Scene

SD Scene is the UK Government's monthly newsletter on sustainable development in government, civil society and business.

 Monthly newsletter: http://http://sd.defra.gov.uk/subscribe/

   SD Scene website:


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The market Garden 2

Just a few more photo's from Culberry nursery



Spring 1948 the first season at Culberry Nursery. An 8 acre field on the East side of Dappers Lane. Culberry was the field name on this side of Dappers lane and is thought to go back to Saxon times, possibly the buriel ground of…


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"Question Everything" blog by George Mobus

..Always a good read, "Question Everything" a blog by George Mobus Question Everything

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Donate to TTW

TTW does not have a membership fee so we welcome donations to help us set up projects and events and to pay for ongoing operating costs such as this website. You can donate here via PayPal.


TTW has arrangements with a green energy suppliers who will make donations to us if you switch your supply to them  using the links below. Any switches are at your discretion and TTW does not make any recommendations. We do however only make arrangements with companies that meet our ethical criteria.

Ecotricity who will donate up to £60 to us if you switch your supply to them. Just go to www.ecotricity.co.uk/transition-worthing or call free on 0800 0302302 and quote TTW1 when you sign up.

Worthing CAN

Follow this link for Worthing Climate Action Network on Facebook and get information about events on climate change and the latest divestment campaign.

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