TTW has been gathering views and ideas on Worthing's future, based on the twin challenges of climate change and peak oil, alongside the need to develop and re-build resilience.


Between now and Autumn 2012, TTW will be using these ideas to create a Transition Timeline for Worthing, giving a 'route map' of how we can wean ourselves away from fossil fuels to a more self-reliant, skilled up and 'powered-down' community. This timeline will form the backbone of our Energy Descent Action Plan.


Several themes collected from these ideas link directly and indirectly to the reskilling group's interests. As a group, we need to add to this, give more depth to it and nurture it!


TTW Reskilling Items for Worthing Transition Timeline

  • Work with youth groups and FE/HE establishments to develop gardening activities in the homes of the elderly and in residential homes (2011)
  • TTW workshops in schools to excite and inform the next generation (2011)
  • Transition youth clubs (2011)
  • Worthing Community Store opens (2011)
  • Worthing Energy Descent Action Plan published (2012)
  • Local cook-in where you can buy food grown and cooked locally (2012)
  • Training help and programme on growing in urban environment (2012)
  • Vocational courses in FE colleges to introduce modules in their courses, e.g. plumbers, builders, electricians (2012)
  • Bartering for home-grown produce has become widespread (2013)
  • Community orchard established (2013)
  • More community centres in Worthing fulfilling more functions: swap shops, skills training, eco living advice (2015)
  • All schools growing fruit and vegetables. Growing skills part of the curriculum (2015)
  • Woodland training centre in Titnore Woods (2015)
  • Worthing resident wins new local award: Composter of the Year (2016)
  • Northbrook College begins teaching Permaculture courses (2017)
  • More apprenticeships (2028)

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OK, I've started to add things to this myself in the absence of any other comments. We will have a Reskilling part to the timeline ready for Sunday 12th June Can You Imagine Worthing in 2030 event.


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